Dinner – Monday, December 29, 2014

Once you get your foot in the door…
We were able to secure a reservation at Takazawa quite easily for this trip, since Akiko remembered us from our previous visit. We had such a good experience the first time that we needed to see if it was a fluke. Despite the restrictions of the season (a special Holiday menu heavy on truffles), this meal was just as good. If you can, go.

Spherified cauliflower soup, Alba truffles

Shirako, black walnut chawanmushi
The shirako was prepared like takoyaki.
The custard was topped with a layer of Perigord truffle cream.

“Ratatouille (2005)”
TAKAZAWA’s signature dish – it never comes off the menu.

Brioche, Okinawan pork rillettes

“Scallop Spaghetti (2013)”
Bafun uni, kinome

“The Wreath (2013)”
Wagyu, ginkan, chorogi, sweet potato, lotus root, maitake

In celebration of the upcoming New Year, the wreath was composed of ingredients commonly found in osechi. The walnut miso soil was a nice, savory base that tied the disparate components together.

“Powdery SNOW Dressing (2006)”
Buri, radishes, yuzu snow

Fried egg, Alba truffles

“Candleholder (2007)”
Walnut bread, pear candle with rosemary wick, foie gras brulee

“New York Steak with a Japanese twist (2014)”
Seared Kyoto o-toro, creamed spinach, German potato, tomatoes & onions

Inspired by Takazawa’s visit to Peter Luger earlier this year – a “steak” with all the traditional sides. The tube in the background held a house-made horseradish ketchup.

“Dinner in the Forest (2009)”

Wild Gifu duck – it’s breast, heart, gizzard and liver
Cheese-stuffed mushroom, fried gobo, radish pearls

Impressive minerality in the meat and innards. A stunner of a dish.

“Rice and Egg? (2014)”
Coconut rice pudding, persimmon “yolk”, Chinese tea jelly “white”

A cute twist on the traditional end to a kaiseki menu. It was more realistic than the picture suggests, and the texture of the faux white was spot-on.

“Everything about Sweet Potato (2014)”
Imo-shochu ice cream, sweet potato ratatouille, sweet potato bird’s nest


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